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Wujiang Zhongjiang Aluminum Company locates in the picturesque Jiangnan watery town, the Fenhu Economic Development Zone of

Wujiang. It has a total registered capital of one million yuan and a working capital of 10 million yuan. At present, the

company are installing the first aluminum extrusion production line in it origin factory (the former factory site of Crown

Corporation, covering an area of 21 acres, which is brought by the company). The extrusion is of 880UST size, and its

installation and testing work will be accomplished by the end of December 2007.It can be put into production in December 10th

2008. With this machine, the company is predicted to output about 200 tons of high-quality industrial aluminum extrusion

profiles per month. While the newly established Zhongjiang Aluminum Company has been carrying through the guiding principle

of" quality first, customer-centered, pursue innovation, sustainable business" and improve itself with " high starting point,

high-quality, excellent service". Now, the company has bought 21 acres land which is adjacent to the junction of Sutongli

Road and 318 provincial highways to build a new factory site. The new site will hold 10 more aluminum extrusion machine.

First: Human resources advantage

The company has employed many management technology talents,who all came from Guangdong, the most developed area of China

aluminum extrusion industry. and they have been worked in well known companies like Guangya Company and Haozhan Company.

Second: Machinery and equipment advantage

The major machinery and equipment are introduced from Japan, Germany,ect. And they are assembled by the famous Yuanchang


Third: Business advantage
As early as the initial stage of the company, we have piled up abundant business resources. our first-order and second-order

customers include Asus, Datang, Gaochuang, Zhongda, Datong, Apple, BenQ, Canon, Philips etc,. And now our main costomers

cover more than 10 companies.

Forth: Analysis of the market prospects of the project
1, Aluminum is a neutral metal element, which is of the largest storage capacity on the earth's surface, accounting for 7% of

the Earth's surface quality.

2, Aluminum and aluminum products are widely applied in various sectors of the national economy, for instance:

transportation, packaging containers, architectural features, mechanical appliances, telecommunications, petrochemical,

energy, power as well as health.

3, Currently, with rapid development of the world's aluminum industry, the production and sales volume of global aluminum

(including recycled aluminum) of 2003 has exceeded 38 million t / a, of which the production and sales volume has occupied28

million t / a. China, with 5.6million tons of primary aluminium production and sales volume, has surpassed America, and

ranked the first in the world.

4, Aluminum is gifted the advantages like environmentally friendly, easy recycling, easy shaping, easy processing, light

weight etc. In the future, the application of aluminum will extend to more sections. In other words, the aluminum market will

keeps expanding. Moreover, the unique advantage of reutilization ensures the abundant supply of the aluminum Resources.

5, Zhongjiang Aluminum Company complies positively with the international trend, with high quality products, the company are

stepping in to the international market through outstanding enterprises in Yangtze River Delta.

6, with the successive growth of the aluminum extrusion business, Zhongjiang Aluminum Company will also increase the aluminum

extrusion further processing lines, such as: metal processing, cold-drawing, bending as well as CNC processing.

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